Infertility Facts

Facts and Statistics You May Find Helpful

  • Infertility affects 6.1 million couples in the US, approximately 10% of the childbearing population.
  • 35% of infertility is attributed to males, 35-50 % to females, and the remainder to a combination of male/female factors.
  • In 10% of infertility cases, the cause is unexplained.
  • Common causes of male infertility are oligospermia/azospermia (low or absent sperm production) asthenospermia (impaired motility) and teratospermia (abnormal morphology).
  • Most common female causes are ovulation disorders (such as PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and blocked fallopian tubes (caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis).
  • 10% of women of childbearing age have PCOS.
  • Uterine problems, such as fibroids, can cause infertility, but are more often associated with miscarriage.
  • Couples should seek help after a year of unprotected sex if they have not conceived.
  • If over 35, couples should seek help after 6 months.
  • 9.2 million women have used infertility services.
  • A significant cause of infertility today is related to women waiting longer to have children.
  • Infertility risk increases with age. From 15-24, only 4.1% of women are infertile. From 35-44, 21.4% of women are infertile.
  • Couples trying to conceive are advised to stop smoking, limit alcohol, and limit caffeine to no more than 3 coffees a day.
  • IVF accounts for less than 3% of infertility services.
  • In 2002, one in 100 every American babies was conceived using IVF/ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)
  • Average costs of IVF in the US is $12,400.
  • Average live birth rate for IVF (in 2000) was 29.9% per retrieval.
  • In women under 35, ART leads to a live birth in 37.3% of cycles.
  • In women 35-37, ART leads to a live birth in 30.7% of cycles.
  • In women 37-40, ART leads to a live birth in 20.2% of cycles.
  • In women 41-47, ART leads to a live birth in 11% of cycles.


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