Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What will therapy do for you?

The goal of therapy is to create a happier healthier you. When you feel more in control of your responses to life, you can make better choices. We will work together to find new ways of doing, reacting, and resolving your current difficulties. The end result will be an ability to embrace infertility challenges and meet them in a positive manner.

Why counseling or the Mind/Body program?

Fertility treatment affects individuals and couples in different ways but for most, it is extremely difficult. The more complicated and drawn out the treatment gets, the more painful and complex the issues become. Simply realizing that pregnancy won’t come easily can create unrecognized grief and cause great emotional, physical and financial stress. Counseling and the Mind/Body program are beneficial ways to address the normal difficulties you face.

How is this kind of counseling helpful?

It can help you focus on the future, the goal. Though there are appropriate times to grieve and re-examine priorities, it’s important to focus on a healthy outcome, whether a baby is born or not. Even when pregnancy is achieved, the crisis of infertility can leave scars on the relationship. Counseling works to help couples navigate the process so that the wounds are not fatal.

We are closer than ever, why do we need a counselor?

Fertility treatment sometimes brings couples closer together, but when the treatment is successful, or ends, they often find that there is a blank space which the fertility treatment filled. Counseling can help you look at ways to fill that blank space during the treatment so that you stay focused on the “we”, meaning two, not three.

How will fertility counseling help me get pregnant?

Technically, it won’t. It will help you look at the options, grieve your losses, and celebrate your victories. It will give you a safe place to talk about how the process is affecting you as an individual or couple, and provide ways to reduce the stress of the infertility process. When stress is reduced and understanding of procedures is increased, you may be more likely to get pregnant. But even if you don’t, your coping skills will be vastly improved.

How will Mind/Body or counseling help my relationship?

Most people pay less attention to the emotional issues than the physical aspects of the infertility process. Yet couples often feel a growing distance, causing isolation and loneliness in the midst of a very stressful time. Having a set time and safe space to discuss these issues can often reduce their impact and help you focus on the strengths in your relationship and not just the stresses.

The infertility process is time consuming. How can I make time for anything else?

It all comes down to priorities and needs. Your emotional health and your relationship are every bit as important as your physical health, whether you get pregnant or not.

Fertility treatment is so expensive. How can I afford this?

Couples often spend four to ten thousand dollars on a treatment cycle to have a baby. Why not spend a fraction of that on your relationship and your emotional well being? Consulting with an expert can also be helpful as to how to invest your fertility dollars. Like doctor visits or procedures, it is an investment in your health. And how can you not afford that?

How can I pay for the program or for my counseling sessions?

Counseling sessions and the Mind/Body program can be paid for by check, MasterCard or Visa. Counseling can be covered on a per visit or monthly basis, depending on the arrangement If you are on a per visit basis, insurance companies will sometimes reimburse the expense or cover the cost, less a co-pay. While we will work with insurance companies, you must explore your own policy options.


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