Client Comments

Here are a few quotes from those who’ve experienced the Mind/Body Program:

  • Initially, I thought I would dread the MB program. Turns out I looked forward to it every week.
  • My stress and anxiety decreased and so did my fear of not getting pregnant. I cannot express how helpful and therapeutic connecting with other women in the “same shoes” is.
  • The group helped my wife and I tremendously; she is back to her old self.
  • The M/B group participants have been able to support me in ways that my family and other friends simply could not.
  • The exercises during the Mind/Body sessions are fun, insightful, relaxing, thought-provoking, and relevant.
  • I was thoroughly impressed with the program format, from in-take session, to goal setting, to cognitive-restructuring night, to yoga, and snacks, and so-on.
  • Over a year after the program ended, I am still achieving goals that I set during the program.
  • This group has given me treasured memories, fabulous friendships, ongoing support and helpful life skills.
  • I remembered the deep breathing and body calming techniques for baby #1 and baby #2. Obviously, another success story.
  • You can leave the program a changed, better and happier person.


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