Research supports Mind/Body Program for Infertility as way to increase chance of pregnancy with IVF

Now there is more reason than ever to participate in the Mind/Body Program for Infertility. Please see this article:

The article is based on a study published in April, 2011 in the online publication of Fertility and Sterility, the scientific journal of American Society of Reproductive Medicine. After providing the group to patients in North Carolina for almost 10 years, I have seen many benefits in other than increased pregnancy rates, but it is fantastic to see the study validate what I have seen anecdotally through the years! Fertility Connections is starting a 4 week couples session which will include many of the ideas and techniques from the mind/body program on May 31st in Durham NC. Our next 10 week group is scheduled for September…of course, if we have a lot of inquiries and requests, we may be able to schedule a full group sooner! Please feel free to contact me at!

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